About Us

The term "Red Berm" comes from the fact that a berm is a mound of earth and red is the color of our heart so we believe in working with the heart of the earth to take undeveloped areas and change them into beautiful landscapes. Whether it is drought tolerant, tropical, classical, or contemporary, there is always a solution for each landscape design.

We work on small or large landscape projects so feel free to contact us for any size project. We will come out to your site discuss your ideas and your needs and we will be able to tell you approximately how much it will cost to install your ideas. Then we measure and create a concept plan of your property. Once we have created the plan we will do a layout of built structures, hardscape, and plant material including renderings if necessary. Then we can help you find the right contractor for the installation of the project.



Our Story

To us landscape design is about motion, energy and how we connect with the earth. The psychology of landscapes is important to the layout of the site and how spaces interact with each other. Each design is it's own piece of art.

Liz (Owner) has a degree in Landscape Architecture and brings experiences of traveling to all the continuous states and visiting state parks, botanical gardens and estates through the US to see the interaction of spaces and nature. She believes each spaces has questions and answers that lead to the final design.

Next Steps...

Please give us a call or send us an email describing your project and what you are looking for and we will set up a consultation.